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Final floral print

I have decided not to make use of silk screen printing, and so to create a recycled look I will do my floral print through a stencil using sponge white acrylic paint. I am aware that having white acrylic paint on your shirt isn't very wearable but going back to the likes of Margiela some of his garments are better described as pieces of art because of their impracticality. He has made a mini dress out of combs, which in reality would be virtually impossible to wear.

"HAIR-COMB SHORT DRESS" Hair-combs in plastic, tortoiseshell or horn are cut and assembled on a metal chain to make a short dress, Martin Margiela.

Back to the floral printing, here are some images that will show you how I used my stencil and acrylic paint to achieve my final prints.

Here are some images of the shirt on the body. I am eventually going to stitch into the floral pattern and make the shirt look more shabby and worn out.

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